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August 2010



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Aug. 5th, 2010

Win it Wednesday!


Check it out!  There are some fantastic coupon & money saving sites out there! With the cost of groceries going up by the day .. it's well worth your time to print up and/or  electronically save to your favorite store cards.  I am able to save $80 to $130 in grocery coupons each month.  Let me importantly add, on stuff I use, or would not mind trying what the competitor has to offer! 

This does not include the mall or non food items, cause I don't buy them every month, but there are tricks and steals galore!   but I will put together a whole post on this later... but i had to get  out there for Deal seeking mom and hopefully win a pyrex set!


The Way we Learn

 Valuable lessoned learned today in plain ole childraising.  Naturally, the hard way...  We as parents want the very best for our children, the best foods, the best toys, the organic clothing, bedding, avoiding child care facilities, doing the best we know how.  Sometimes being prepared and reading all the books in the world still dont prepare you for how YOUR child will act and learn.  

  There are many psycological studies nature vs. nuture.  Nature being the genetic gene for personality and ability to learn, along with temperment.  Then add development in the womb, maybe  your child was a preemie, lacked some kind of supplement of some kind, smoked, drank. I could go on and on with factors that could change development of the developing brain.   Now add more nuture, relationship between mother and child, stress that the child may endured in any of this process adding up to preschool age,  All the love and prayer in the world can not produce a child that is ready to hit the ground running as you would expect..  

   So here we are on the edge of preschool and my darling child does not have my temperment other than he is stubborn, and a perfectionist. The ladder of developmental mile stones c ompletely abandoned some things he is seven others still three.  He concurs something when he feels it is right,  he just does it and does it good. From potty training to hitting a baseball.  Some things he does things for others that I never know of, unless that person tells me... some things months later!  Why? Because i have always done things for him and not pushed for self suffiency until he wanted to do it. It is not about the accomplishment but the control he then has, Mommy will do it for him.  Maybe a closeness with Mom he refuses to give up.  Pretty sure that will be our child/adolesent challenge hopefully *crosses fingers* just a phase. i certainly know he picks up others behaviors good or bad instantly.

  I was such a self engaged child, already reading many books on my own, counthing and speaking in spanish by age 4. I needed no entertaining and "the look" or a raised voice put me back where I belonged.  Sadly I expected the same as the nuture and nature I thought were there. Not giving up hope yet, but I hope to raise a loving, caring, and ability to think for himself and not be a sheep are the top of my list. 

So I purchased Pre K - 3rd grade Horizon Series schooling, and Learn to Read sets, Infants - 3rd grade, thinking he would be enthralled with it.  Got every crayola medium possible, music series for the piano, and field trips planned along with many social activities that would develop my baby into a wonderful young man.  Knowing that he would have all the resources to suceed...I breathed a sigh of relief. I would given anything to have this type of one on one with my parents.  

As we as parents learn about ourselves and our children we soon realize that we all learn differently and I am sure that applies to Mothers of twins or multiple children of different ages. Kudo's to all parents out there going beyond public school and truly teaching our children.  I have always been a fan of homeschooling but the requirement of sex ed age 5 and up really draws the line, plus the dumbing down of public schools is a disgrace.  How can we develop thinkers, innovators, and true scolars when so much emphasis is on social issues, and sadly a rewriting of history!

So realizing that Homeschooling may need a jumpstart starting Sunday he will begin Sunday school and hopefully my churches pre-school ministry where the social engagement will be fantastic and will activate his respect for authority and want to learn. He has the brains to do it! Let's hope it sparks his energies to learning instead of the opposite of what his Mom wants him to do. I as well need to start attending and learning the Word as well, I never thought much of religion of assembly but this is a fanastic group of people, an engaging pastor and a place I can vollenteer my time.  Hopefully it is a win-win.

  All this fear and frustration as brought me to a place where I KNOW that I need Gods help in rasing this miracle of life, and for me it is a miracle indeed that I was able to have him and I know that I am blessed.  I have started reading
Focus on the Family  and it has lots of information and has supplemented the Dr. Dobson books I have read.  So like any problem in life sometimes our usual school of thought is not what solves it, but patience in that the answer will be put before you.  

  Yet another good reason to keep your eyes and ears open, and keep an open mind as our own upbringing is not always right for our children as it was for us.  Remember we are not made from the same mold even if we have the same nose, but we all have purpose and lessons to learn from each other.